Guest Appearances
Tax Credits and the Drain on Iowa's Treasury

Tax credits were the topic of discussion when IPP's Peter Fisher visited "The Exchange" on Iowa Public Radio.
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Peter Fisher on the air in Iowa Public Radio's program, "The Exchange"

October 30 , 2007
Pearson and Osterberg Discuss the Fiscal Impact of Iowa's Undocumented Population
Beth Person and David Osterberg joined Jan Mickelson on WHO Radio's "Mickelson in the Morning" to discuss how much taxes undocumented immigrants pay in Iowa. Listen to the segement here.
October 25, 2007
Osterberg Talks Climate Change
David Osterberg was a guest on Iowa Public Television's "The Iowa Journal" where he discussed the impacts of climate change. Watch the program here.
October 25 , 2007
The Impacts of Hog CAFOs with Jan Flora
IPP Report author Jan Flora discussed his findings on the relationship between hog CAFOs and economic and environmental sustainability with Jan Mickelson. Listen to "Mickelson in the Morning" show here.
February 26 , 2007
Fisher Reviews Iowa Tax Policy
Peter Fisher joined two Iowa legislators and a representative of the Iowa Taxpayers Association to discuss current tax policy issues on Iowa Public Radio's "The Exchange."
January 24, 2007
Ditsler Discusses Minimum Wage
Elaine Ditsler was a guest on Talk of Iowa WOI-AM 640 on January 17 and the Iowa Morning Show on WMT-AM 600 on January 24. She explained the benefits of a minimum wage increase in Iowa.
December 26, 2006
Galluzzo and Osterberg on "What's Happening"
Teresa Galluzzo and David Osterberg were guests on WMT-AM 600's "What's Happening" where they described Iowa's lacking environmental committment.
December 5, 2006
Gordon Talks Health Care Reform on "What's Happening"
Senior Research Consultant Colin Gordon described sensible ways to improve access to health care for Iowans on Andy Petersen's "What's Happening" on WMT-AM 600.
November 8, 2006
Owen Discusses Poverty on KCRG
Mike Owen joined moderator Larry McGuire and other panelists Darci Morin, Executive Director of Churches United and Daniel Abolins, Chairman of the Linn County Republican Party, to discuss poverty in Iowa on KCRG's "Ethical Perspectives on the News."
July 20, 2006
Ditsler and Fisher on "Mickelson in the Morning"
Elaine Ditsler and Peter Fisher spoke with Jan Mickelson on Newsradio 1040 WHO and 600 WMT about how Iowa's minimum wage is falling behind. Listen to the Show.
April 25, 2006
Osterberg, Galluzzo and Fisher on "Talk of Iowa"
David Osterberg and Teresa Galluzzo joined Al Kern for the first half-hour to discuss a recent IPP report about emerging contaminants in Iowa's water. Peter Fisher and Osterberg finished up the show with a discussion of another recent IPP report and its relevance to current debates at the statehouse over tax cuts for seniors. Listen to the Show.
March 30 , 2006
Osterberg, Fisher on WMT 600
David Osterberg and Peter Fisher appeared as guests with Andy Petersen on WMT's "Evening Edition." Fisher convincingly argued that tax cuts are not driving senior's decisions about where to live in retirement. Osterberg explained that the current economic recovery has been very slow to create jobs.
December 1, 2005
Nonstandard Jobs, Substandard Benefits
The release of "Nonstandard Jobs, Substandard Benefits" on December 1, 2005 generated press nationwide and in Iowa. Peter Fisher was interviewed by Bloomberg TV for their program "Money and Politics." Colin Gordon was interviewed on the "Bloomberg Big Picture" radio show with Kathy Campion. Fisher was also interviewed for the WBAI radio station in New York and Gordon was a guest on the nationally syndicated radio show "Chuck Harder Live." Before the final release, Elaine Ditsler presented their findings at the Institute for Women's Policy Research conference in Washington D.C.

Right here in Iowa, Colin Gordon and Elaine Ditsler appeared as guests on "Talk of Iowa" on December 6th. Peter Fisher and Elaine Ditsler were also guests on "Conversation with Cathy and Karl" on AM1270 progressive radio in the Quad Cities (on December 17th and 31st).
July 17, 2005
Galluzzo Discusses Global Climate Change on KCRG
Teresa Galluzzo appeared on KCRG's "Ethical Perspectives in the News" with host Tim Boyle to discuss climate change. The lively show reviewed what climate change is, why it is occurring, and some simple things we can do to reduce our impact.
July 12, 2005
Galluzzo on "Talk of Iowa" to Discuss Renewable Energy
Teresa Galluzzo joined Gayane Torosyan for an edition of “Talk of Iowa”. Participants discussed the national energy bill, Iowa policy, and the economics of renewable energy.
March 9, 2005
Fisher, Galluzzo Discuss Social Security Privatization
Peter Fisher and Teresa Galluzzo joined Gary Smith to discuss social security on public access television. The half hour show included a discussion of the basics of social security and dispelled the myths of privatization.
December 7, 2004
Green Bike Team Takes to the Radio
David Osterberg and fellow green bike riders were guests on "Iowa Talks." They described their experiences as part of the "Green Bike Tour," a solar and ethanol bike tour of rural communities in South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, and Wisconsin.
August 27, 2004
Osterberg on the Jan Mickelson Show
Jan Mickelson and David Osterberg agreed that Wal-Mart type jobs can end up costing Iowa taxpayers and discussed the recent Census figures showing a decline in income and health insurance coverage in Iowa.
August 16, 2004
Osterberg Debates on "Iowa Talks"
Stagnant job growth in Iowa was the topic in what has become a series of debates between IPP and the Public Interest Institute. Al Kern hosted the program.
February 18, 2004
Ditsler on "Iowa Talks" to Discuss Renewable Energy Policy
IPP Research Associate Elaine Ditsler spoke about state policy and wind energy during this hour-long episode of "Iowa Talks." The show was hosted by Gayane Torosyan.
January 5, 2004
Osterberg, Fisher Debate the State Budget on "Iowa Talks "
The state budget was the topic when Iowa Policy Project Executive Director David Osterberg and Research Director Peter Fisher were guests on Talk of Iowa. Al Kern hosted the program.
May 29, 2003
Osterberg, Fisher Appear on "Iowa Talks"
Executive Director David Osterberg and Research Director Peter Fisher discussed Iowa tax policy and economic growth strategies on the May 20 "Iowa Talks" radio show on WSUI-AM hosted by Al Kern.
January 30, 2003
Osterberg on "Iowa Talks"
Executive Director David Osterberg discussed spending and tax policy on "Iowa Talks".