The State of Working Iowa 2001
The Iowa Policy Project's first major report, The State of Working Iowa, 2001, was released on June 11, 2001. The report examines trends in employment, wages and incomes in Iowa over the past 20 years and compares Iowa to its neighboring states and to the nation on various measures of economic performance. The report concludes with policy recommendations. The authors are Peter Fisher, Professor of Urban and Regional Planning, and Colin Gordon, Associate Professor of History, both of the University of Iowa. Click on the links below to download the executive summary, the entire report, or separate chapters.

Note: The following files are in pdf format and require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view them or print them.
The State of Working Iowa, Executive Summary
The State of Working Iowa 2001 (full report)
Chapter 1: An Overview of the Iowa Economy
Chapter 2: Wages and Jobs in Iowa
Chapter 3: Income and Poverty
Chapter 4: What Should We Do? Policies for Working Iowa
Appendix and Data Sources