Roots of Iowa’s Chronic Revenue Challenges

... and continuing problems from giving away hundreds of millions every year

state capitol cafoLooking ahead: Real tax reform?

First, get past the myths about Iowa taxes on business;
Some would use savings to address non-existent issues

We should all welcome a serious discussion of tax reform in the Iowa Legislature, with one huge caveat: It should focus on real issues, not made-up ones. There are real issues: Business tax credits continue to grow much faster than other state spending, and contribute significantly to the budget shortfalls that have become an annual problem.
Iowa Fiscal Partnership policy brief
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Iowa Fiscal Partnership statement 3/20/2017
Iowa Fiscal Partnership snapshot on EITC 3/20/2017

A spotlight, not a floodlight, on business breaks 3/21/2017
Iowa Policy Points post by Mike Owen

Beware gimmicks in the Iowa Constitution A constitutional amendment to cap state spending — approved by the Senate that next year may be considered in the House — is a gimmick rather than real reform.
IFP Policy brief

chap20challengeThe realities about Iowa’s budget shortfall

There is no silver bullet, but you cannot solve Iowa’s chronic revenue shortages without addressing the state’s rampant spending on tax credits for corporations.

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chap20challengeMore of the same
— in fact,
millions more

Perks for the profitable
continue with research credit

Iowa’s lucrative research subsidy provided as much in 2016 to very large companies that do not pay Iowa state income tax as legislators recently approved as an increase in state school aid.
Iowa Fiscal Partnership summary (2 pages) 2/15/17