detailofcapitolA Case Study of Stewardship
Linn County Projects Show Natural, Cultural Resource Protection
Iowa’s Resource Enhancement and Protection program (REAP) has been underfunded for 25 years running, yet projects it funds around the state are proven successes that show greater opportunity to enhance environmental and cultural stewardship.
Full Report 7/27/15
Executive summary
News release

detailofcapitolIowa JobWatch
Looking for a Stronger Trend
Iowa gained an above-above average 3,000 jobs in June, according to the latest state jobs report. That's the good news.

But a longer perspective shows the state's job growth has been chugging along at less than 2,000 per month, fairly consistently over the last several years. This has left Iowa struggling to close a stubborn job deficit from the last recession, falling short of enough jobs to keep pace with population growth.
Iowa JobWatch Statement. 7/21/15.

detailofcapitolEducation Vetoes
Governor’s Actions Don’t Match Rhetoric on Education Money ...
When Governor Branstad vetoed one-time funds that would have augmented budgets for local schools, community colleges and state universities, he stated, “Funding ongoing expenses with one-time money is unsustainable.” But the Legislature didn’t propose using one-time money for recurring expenses.
Iowa Policy Points post by Mike Owen, 7/8/15.

While the Rhetoric Stands Against Plans for New Tax Cuts
Vetoes of “one-time” funding pose “ongoing” and “recurring” problems for a major and ill-advised proposal to restructure personal income taxes in Iowa. And they should.
Iowa Policy Points post by Mike Owen, 7/15/15.

“Governor Branstad’s words ring hollow in his decisions to cut education funding and to prevent greater access to child care.”
Read our Iowa Fiscal Partnership statement 7/2/15

Iowa’s Problem of Priorities
PeterFisherPhotoTax cuts have consequences. In the case of the massive commercial property tax cut enacted two years ago, those consequences have become all too real.
Iowa Fiscal Partnership backgrounder 3/10/15
Peter Fisher’s columns: Cedar Rapids Gazette 4/5/15 or Des Moines Register 3/6/15

Cleaning Up Iowa’s Waters
Deficiencies of Nutrient Reduction Strategy focus of debate
David Osterberg at KVFDIPP's David Osterberg went on the air recently in Fort Dodge for a civil conversation with Webster County farmers to discuss issues surrounding Iowa’s “Nutrient Reduction Strategy” to clean rivers, lakes and streams. KVFD-AM 1400 host Michael Devine devoted his first hour of the June 11 program to this important discussion, including Osterberg's “Choose 2” recommendation to require farm operations not currently acting to reduce runoff to join farmers who are doing their part.

Read “A Threat Unmet,” IPP’s July 2014 report on the Nutrient Reduction Strategy by David Osterberg and Aaron Kline
27-pg PDF of full report, including executive summary
2-pg PDF of executive summary only

Minimum wage graphicA new goal: $12 by 2020
As U.S., Iowa let minimum wage erode,
new proposal would benefit 436,000 in Iowa

Proponents of a minimum-wage increase propose bringing the wage floor back up to where it was in the late 1960s, in five steps.
Economic Policy Institute report 4/30/15
Iowa Policy Project fact sheet 4/28/15

• Impact of raise to $8.75: IPP fact sheet (2-page PDF) 3/31/15
Iowa Policy Points post by Mike Owen 2/24/15
• Impact of raise to $10.10: IPP fact sheet (2-page PDF) 2/9/15
The Cost of Living in Iowa — What it takes to get by in our state