Health Reform and Iowa
Health Care Anniversary
Children Benefit from Health Reform Law

The parents of as many as 51,300 Iowa children need never worry about their child being denied coverage for a pre-existing condition again
Read policy snapshot or download 3-page PDF. 3/25/11

Women Especially Benefit from Consumer Protections in Reform

The new law offers significant consumer protections that specifically benefit women.
Read policy snapshot or download 1-page PDF. 3/24/11

Consumers Benefit from Health Reform

Pre-existing conditions and reaching the mid-20s no longer keep people off insurance.
Read policy snapshot or download 2-page PDF.3/23/11

Seniors Benefit from Health Reform

The new law provides benefits and savings to those on Medicare or near retirement.
Read policy snapshot or download 2-page PDF. 3/22/11

Small Businesses See Benefits from Health Reform

Small businesses and their employees get help finding affordable coverage.
Read policy snapshot or download 1-page PDF. 3/21/11

A Fair Exchange? Middleman or a Mouse Click is Choice for Lawmakers

Should Iowa require residents to find insurance through a broker, or online at their convenience, as federal health reform law intends?
Iowa Fiscal Partnership backgrounder 2-page PDF file 3/3/11
What is an "exchange" anyway? IFP backgrounder 2-page PDF file 2/17/11

Issues to Watch in Setting Up Health Exchanges

Though the federal health reform law remains a lightning rod, making sure that Iowans have access to adequate health care is something most Iowans can agree on. The Affordable Care Act contains provisions that have the potential to benefit hundreds of thousands of Iowans. Health Benefits Exchanges are the central feature of the act.
Read Iowa Fiscal Partnership policy brief or download 7-page PDF file 12/21/10

Provisions that took effect Sept. 23 marked a milestone for health reform in the Affordable Care Act passed last spring. Thousands of Iowans will benefit.
Read policy brief or download 4-page PDF 9/22/10
News release
"Iowans won't have to postpone preventive care for financial reasons, or worry about expensive care causing them to exhaust their lifetime insurance benefits. And young adults and children will have better prospects to keep insurance."
— IPP's Andrew Cannon

Covering Iowa Children Better

Increasing numbers of children and their families in every county in Iowa are benefiting from new public health insurance initiatives.
Read backgrounder or download 2-page PDF 7/27/10
Read news release. View map.

Right Balance for Small Business in Health Reform

Over 50,000 Iowa small businesses and their employees could get or keep health insurance now with opportunities in the new health reform law.
Read the Iowa Fiscal Partnership policy brief or download 3-page PDF 7/22/10
News release 2-page PDF

Options for Iowa: Opportunity to Reach More with High-Risk Pool

Proposed tax-credit reform legislation in the Iowa Legislature falls well short of its stated goals for better accountability and savings for Iowa taxpayers.
IPP Policy Brief, HTML, PDF (3 pages) or News Release PDF (1 page) 4/29/10

Congressional Package Carries Iowa Benefits

Hundreds of thousands of Iowans will find their health care situation drastically improved, thanks to the passage and enactment of health reform.
IPP Policy Brief, HTML or PDF (4 pages) 3/24/10

Fighting 'Job-lock' for Entrepreneurs

Health reform will remove a barrier to entrepreneurship in Iowa.
IPP Policy Snapshot, 3 pages PDF 3/17/10
See more IPP Policy Snapshots on health care reform by IPP's Andrew Cannon:
Health Coverage in Rural Iowa, 2 pages PDF 11/6/09
Leveling Field for Small Business, 2 pages PDF 8/6/09
Making Health Care Affordable, 2 pages PDF 8/6/09

Health Insurance Lacking for Iowans
Latest Census Data: Over 1 in 11 Iowans Go Without Coverage

Iowa's health-insurance shortage is worse in the latter part of this decade than it was at the start — 9.4 percent of Iowans went without coverage in 2007-08.
News release PDF, 2 pg 9/10/09

Health Insurance Exchanges, Mandates and Paying for Reform

In Iowa and elsewhere, demagoguery and emotion have obscured fact-based discussion of the health reform proposals in Congress. These new IPP backgrounders are designed to help a more productive discussion.
Health Insurance Exchanges (PDF, 3 pg). 8/13/09
Play or Pay — the Role of Mandates (PDF, 2 pg). 8/13/09
Paying for Health Reform (PDF, 2 pg). 8/13/09

Census: 1 in 9 Iowans in Poverty, Income Down, Health Shortage Persistent

The national recession hit home in Iowa in 2009, dropping incomes and throwing a greater share of Iowa families into poverty.
News Release 9/28/10
News Release on separate Census survey (2 page PDF) 9/16/10

Providing a Healthier Labor Market for Iowa
Medicaid Expansions: Opportunity for Making Work Pay and Work Choices

Increasing health-coverage access by expanding Medicaid eligibility can expand workers’ options for employment while improving income and long-term economic opportunity for low-income families.
Full report (PDF, 23 pg) 6/10/09
Executive summary (PDF, 4 pg)
News release (PDF, 1 pg) HTML

Uninsurance Problem Persists in Iowa
New Census Data Show Poverty Remains High, Slight Income Gain

Uninsurance in Iowa grew by one-third in seven years, while Iowans' median income improved slightly in 2007 and poverty remained high. News release 8/26/08

Nov. 1, 2007
Iowans' Health Insurance: Falling Through the Cracks
Iowa Families and the Uncertain Future of Job-Based Insurance
From 2000 to 2006, 88,000 Iowans under the age of 65 fell from job-based health coverage either into the safety net of public programs, or right through that safety net into the ranks of the uninsured. Read our backgrounder.

High Stakes for Iowa Kids as SCHIP, hawk-i Future Debated in Washington

Tens of thousands of Iowa children have a stake in the wrangling in Washington over bipartisan efforts to the 10-year-old State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP). The compromise package vetoed by President Bush would reach more kids in low- to moderate-income working families who otherwise would not have insurance. SCHIP now reaches 37,000 Iowa children, a figure that would grow significantly under the legislation. Read the backgrounder on SCHIP facts and our guest opinion in the Iowa City Press-Citizen.

. More SCHIP resources from the Iowa Fiscal Partnership: a news release that addresses inaccurate claims about access for undocumented immigrants, and a one-page backgrounder and news release about what's at stake for Iowa. A two-page backgrounder shows how SCHIP successfully reaches uninsured children in working families. Also see KGAN-TV's interview with IPP's Mike Owen.

. More about the health-insurance shortage: Iowans at middle and lower incomes showed slippage in 2006 with a drop in income, a rise in poverty and a lingering rate of uninsurance. Read the news release.

September 28, 2006
Nonstandard Jobs, Substandard Benefits: A 2005 Update
One-quarter of the U.S. workforce has a nonstandard job and only 21 percent of those workers have health insurance from their job. Since 2001, the percentage of nonstandard workers without health insurance has increased by 4 percentage points to 28 percent. Read the Full Report.
August 29, 2006
Poverty on the Rise in Iowa
New Census Report Shows Median Income, Health Coverage at 2000-01 Levels
Poverty keeps climbing in Iowa while health insurance coverage and household income show no improvement since the start of the decade. Read the Press Release and the Health Insurance Fact Sheet.
June 30, 2006
Mental Health and Homelessness in Iowa
This is our second report completed for the Iowa Council on Homelessness based on data collected during the 2005 Iowa Statewide Homeless Study. In this report, we present a more detailed picture of mental health and homelessness in Iowa. Read the Report.
December 1 , 2005
Nonstandard Jobs, Substandard Benefits
Study Suggests Official Figures Overstate Health Coverage
More and more Americans are in temporary, contract, and part-time jobs without health insurance. Many of these workers have a medical discount card instead of health insurance. As a result, the number of uninsured Americans may be greater than the commonly reported figure of 46 million. Read the Press Release and the Full Report.
October 19, 2005
IowaCare: Need for Caution
A new program brokered by Iowa leaders to save health-care services may actually create problems for the low-income Iowans it seeks to serve. IowaCare does not necessarily deliver on its promise of expanding access to health care. Read the Full Report and Press Release.
August 26, 2004
Health Care Coverage Falling Off for Iowans
One in ten Iowans are now uninsured, a 2 percentage point increase over the last few years. The percentage of Iowans with employment-based health insurance also dropped 1.9 percentage points, suggesting that this is the primary cause for the increase in uninsured Iowans. Read the Press Release.
August 26, 2004
Poverty Up, Income Down in Iowa
Median household income has fallen while poverty and the number of uninsured are on the rise in Iowa. Read the Press Release.