capitoldetailPushing Iowans to the brink on health care

Repealing Affordable Care Act offers market turmoil, higher costs
State improvements in health-care access are in jeopardy as Congress plans to repeal the Affordable Care Act, or "ObamaCare," which had chopped uninsurance statewide from 8.1 to 5 percent in two years.
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capitoldetail2017 Legislature: Tax-cut conflicts
Governor plays down expectations of tax-cutters
Against a backdrop of calls for new tax cuts, Governor Branstad in his silence sounded a note of caution.
IPP statement 1/10/17

“It is reassuring that the Governor chose not to grab the tax-cut mantle so strongly on his way out the door. But he is missing an opportunity to rein in or even reverse Iowa’s runaway spending on tax credits.” — IPP's Mike Owen

capitoldetailProgress scant on clean water

Nutrient strategy not producing results Iowans want
Despite voluntary conservation efforts, nutrient pollution remains problematic in the Mississippi River Basin and the Gulf of Mexico. There remains a widespread lack of understanding and acceptance of the connection between land management practices and the nutrient pollution of Iowa and U.S. waters.
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Iowa needs stronger restrictions on manure application
Weakening rules for how manure is applied is clearly out of step with Iowa's stated goal to comply with cleaning our streams and lakes of nutrients.
Comments on rule change (3-page PDF) 6/3/16

Iowa could learn from another Midwestern state to create better protection of water flowing to the Mississippi River.
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jobsWhen work falls short, how do Iowa
policies help families meet needs?

Iowa can design child care assistance and other policies to “make work pay” for low-income working families.
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Nearly 1 in 5 working households in Iowa do not earn enough to meet a basic needs family budget.
Part 2: Families Struggle to Meet Needs 7/6/16
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Part 1: Basic Family Budgets 4/5/16
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Local, regional data

Hear report author Peter Fisher discuss these reports on The Devine Intervention, KVFD-AM Fort Dodge
Part 1: Basic Family Budgets 4/7/16
Part 2: Many Iowa Families Struggle to Meet Basic Needs 7/7/16

Faulty analysis on business taxes: Nothing to see there
Basic flaws remain in the latest state business tax climate index released by the Tax Foundation.

Iowa Policy Points blog post by Peter Fisher

Also see:
Fisher's examination of Tax Foundation analysis

“What really drives state growth is the rate of new business formation. And what matters most for entrepreneurial vibrancy is the education level of the state’s residents.” — IPP’s Peter Fisher

healthcoverageiowaNew baseline to evaluate Medicaid changes
New census data show sharp declines in Iowa’s uninsured population, so it will be interesting to see if declines continue as Governor Branstad's Medicaid privatization moves forward.

Iowa Policy Points post

Persistent poverty, stagnant income remain the norm for Iowans
New Census data offer a mixed picture of the economic challenges Iowans face in key measures of family prosperity. Poverty and income data remained unchanged in 2015 compared with 2014, while health coverage continued to expand following implementation of health reform.

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jobsFifteen years of solid analysis and responsible solutions
Bill Stowe of Des Moines Water Works outlined clean water challenges, and IPP’s Peter Fisher gave a sneak preview of new research on work supports as well over 100 people gathered to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Iowa Policy Project. David Osterberg noted Iowans who were around at the start and kept IPP going — Mark Smith, David Hurd, and Fred & Charlotte Hubbell.

Even though the event is past, our work is ongoing and it's always a good time to celebrate solid analysis and responsible solutions.
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